Representing the Mortgage Servicer and Investor, the Caballero Lender Services network attorneys protect creditors' rights. We intend to maximize the value of our client's claim in reorganization and liquidation proceedings utilizing all legal remedies available, including settlement or litigation. Specific areas of representation include:

  • Motions for relief from the automatic stay
  • Filing of Proof of Claim and Transfer of Claim
  • Prosecution and defense of secured and unsecured claims
  • Defenses of avoidance actions
  • Adversarial proceedings
  • Confirmation proceedings and objections
  • Defenses to cram down


Our attorneys assist Servicers, lenders, investors, and asset managers with foreclosures. They are proactive in helping our clients find solutions to any issue and are supportive of finding resolutions. Each firm believes in a high level of client communication so that their matters proceed timely. Each firm is experienced in providing services within all Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, FHA, and investor client timelines and complies with all applicable fee and regulatory compliance guidelines. The firms we work with prosecute the foreclosure without the delays of the "big box, foreclosure mills." The firms have extensive experience in the following foreclosure-related areas:

  • Judicial and Non-Judicial Foreclosures
  • Fix and Flip Foreclosures
  • Commercial foreclosures
  • Personal Property Foreclosures
  • Foreclosures of Mobile / Manufactured Homes
  • Title Claim and Curative Actions
  • Strict Foreclosure and Quiet Title Actions
  • Short Sales
  • Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Deficiency Actions
  • Senior Lien Monitoring
  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Contested Foreclosure Actions
  • Tax Deed Foreclosures


Our attorneys possess the litigation expertise to effectively represent clients in all real estate related litigation matters, including:

  • Litigated Foreclosure Actions
  • Title Insurance Claims
  • Title Curative and Quiet Title Litigation
  • Municipal and County Disputes, including code violations, water lien resolution and litigation
  • Suit on Note
  • Condemnations
  • Forfeitures
  • Tax Sales (redemption, application for excess proceeds, and related litigation)
  • HOA Litigation
  • Lien Disputes


Our attorneys possess the skills and experience necessary to handle your appeal. Your case will be evaluated to determine whether the court’s order is appealable and the likelihood of a successful appeal. Our attorneys thoroughly review the lower court record, analyze and understand the legal complexities at issue, and effectively frame the arguments to obtain the best possible outcome on appeal.


Our attorneys have experience in all aspects of the eviction process, including potential defenses and counterclaims. Our firms work with investors and borrowers to negotiate "cash for keys" agreements to assist borrowers and reduce legal costs and damage to the property. Our objective is to ensure the proceedings are completed timely and accurately through proactive management of the timelines and the legal process.

  • Judicial Evictions
  • Post Foreclosure Evictions
  • Cash For Keys
  • Personal Property Evictions

Private Money Lenders

Our attorneys have experience with bridge/private money transactions in closing the loan transaction and, if necessary, foreclosure when the loan defaults. Commercial loan documents on a fix and flip properties and commercial buildings are rarely standardized, as with a standard residential mortgage.  Our attorneys will work with the lender to draft the documents necessary to protect the lender's rights with an eye toward enforcement of the lender's remedies. The larger the transaction, the more complex and the more expertise is needed to prepare the documents correctly, which is why our attorneys have the requisite experience. If the loan defaults, the attorneys we work with know the difference on how to prosecute the foreclosure without the delays of the big box, residential foreclosure mills. The attorneys we work with are skilled in overcoming problems that arise when the original loan documents are deficient. A few of the services offered to Private/Bridge Money Lenders are:

  • Customized Loan Documents
  • Settlement-Closings on Fix and flip and multi-family housing
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcy

Nationwide Bankruptcy Services

We are your one point of contact for the Nationwide preparation and filing of Proofs of Claims, Transfer of Claims, PPFN, Payment Changes, Requests for Notice, and Reaffirmation Agreements in every jurisdiction in the United States. Our seamless and customized workflow allows us to have filings prepared and filed within three calendar days of receiving the referral, often completed on the day of receipt. The firm is directly enrolled and admitted to performing specific creditor work in all bankruptcy districts and does not utilize outsourced services or independent firms.

We work with servicers and Investors as the single point of contact for the timely filing of bankruptcy transfers of claims on Loan Portfolio Sales and the Service Transfer of Loan Portfolios.

Our goal is to protect our clients' interests within the context of bankruptcy.

  • Proof of Claim
  • Transfer of Claim
  • Portfolio Transfers of Claim
  • Motion for Relief
  • Objection to Confirmation
  • Review of Plan
  • Nationwide preparation and filing of Motions, adversary actions, and other contested matters are handled by local bankruptcy counsel. There is no fee splitting, local counsel receives 100% of attorney fees for their professional services.
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Nationwide Title Searches

We furnish nationwide title searches for mortgage note buyers, foreclosure attorneys, and title companies. We work with ProTitleUSA, a national company that has taken title searches to the next level with its proprietary technology. This technology and operational efficiencies allow for a better product and a faster delivery of your product request. ProTitleUSA has created the only consolidated portfolio dashboard in the industry, available by spreadsheet or over API. It has integrated the Title/Tax O&E results with Unrecorded Lien Searches (township searches for code enforcement liens and permit violations), Water and Sewer Payoffs, and Bankruptcy Scrubs (specific for note/capital markets). They perform Asset-Level Grading, Page-by-Page Title Exams, Assignment Chain Reviews, Title Policy Exception Reviews, Pre-Recording Scrub, and Curative Services. VPR Search Integration is also available in select states. Additionally, we offer 2nd Lien Bankruptcy Scrubs and 2nd Lien Title Searches to determine if the lien is secured.

Please call or email George if you would like to set up a demonstration, or to receive pricing.

Vendor Management Software For Mortgage Servicers and Investors

Noteflow offers data connectivity, tracking, reporting, and analytics to a wide range of products and services designed specifically for Non-Performing and Performing residential and commercial loans.

Refer and easily manage your foreclosures, bankruptcy, and other default matters. Send and track work orders for your default operations, title, valuations, and property preservation easily. Our secure vendor portal allows you to manage your vendors in one place.

Core functionality includes:

  • Tracking

Noteflow provides an intuitive visual flagging system. A progress graph allows users to view schedules quickly and identify tasks that are in progress, completed, past due, or due in the future​

  • Ease of Access

Asset Managers and Note Investors can easily submit Work Orders through digital connections to their preferred third-party service providers based on a schedule of events​

  • Communications

End the back-and-forth voice mails and emails that waste time due to inefficient and legacy systems. Users can utilize a centralized and direct communication portal between all parties, communicate instructions, make inquiries, and exchange documents.​

Please call or email George if you would like to set up a demonstration.

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Real Estate Settlement & Closing Services

Caballero Lender Services works with real estate attorneys with extensive experience and specific knowledge of all aspects of buying, selling, and financing residential and commercial properties. The attorneys represent various residential and commercial lenders, private money lenders, and private equity funds. Drawing on our extensive experience, knowledge, and relationships, we can offer our clients professional, efficient representation, ensuring your real estate transaction closes smoothly.  Our closings services include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Fix and flip
  • Multi-family
  • REO (Real Estate Owned)
  • Borrower Refinancing
  • Customized Loan Documents for Private Money Lenders

Document Preparation And Recordation for Assignment and Release of Mortgages

We are your one point of contact for the preparation and recordation of assignments and release of mortgage.

  • Our process ensures timely compliance with the complexities of all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  • Nationwide Recording using e-recording where available
  • Chain of Assignment Review
  • Quality Control completed -before-recordation workflows
  • Authorized MERS signors
  • Assignment and Lien Release Tracking
  • Our time-tested proprietary software and processes facilitate the preparation of all assignments and the release of mortgage to reduce unexpected delays.