Vallely Law

Vallely Law specializes in representing clients in the commercial & residential mortgage industry. Our focus areas include foreclosure, bridge lending, mortgage acquisition/sale (performing/non-performing mortgages), commercial buy/sell, and loan workouts. We do not focus on cookie-cutter solutions or useless litigation; instead, our only focus is the best result for our clients through any available avenues. The experience of the attorneys and paralegals in Vallely Law includes participating in well over twenty-five thousand foreclosures, thousands of bridge lending transactions, and countless purchase and sale transactions of both mortgages and real property.


Erick Vallely, Esq.

Erick Vallely, the Managing Partner of Vallely Law PLLC. Erick has represented large financial institutions, national mortgage servicers, hedge funds, private equity companies, & individuals in both residential and commercial foreclosure actions. His extensive experience in uncontested foreclosure litigated foreclosure and alternatives to foreclosure create a distinct advantage for the lender.

Over the years, Erick has overseen the foreclosure process on over twenty-five thousand defaulted loans. As a part of his foreclosure practice, Erick has represented numerous buyers and sellers of defaulted loan pools in all aspects of the transaction, including due diligence and negotiation of the sale. Erick has been a lecturer at national servicing conferences and before the State of New York courts.

Erick's specialty is construction lending, but he has represented lenders in all facets of traditional and non-traditional lending. In addition to the foreclosure process, Erick represents private and institutional lenders in commercial lending transactions. His experience in the foreclosure process provides a unique insight into commercial lending. It allows him to provide a transaction that will stand up to the strict scrutiny of the courts.
Before founding Vallely Law, Erick managed two large foreclosure practices in New York. Having managed, overseen, and built foreclosure practices, Erick has extensive experience in the most challenging foreclosures New York offers. Vallely Law represents the culmination of Erick's experience, focusing on providing his expertise to the commercial and residential mortgage industry.